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5 Tips on How to Prepare for Your Engagement Session

Jun 25, 2020

Hey love birds!! Engagement sessions are probably my favorite thing ever. It’s the best time to get comfortable in front of the camera and also allows for you to really get to know your photographer before the wedding day! This is so important since your photographer will be with you for the entire day. Below are 5 tips to help you start planning!

1. Decide on a location

Your photographer will likely give you lots of ideas and suggestions when it comes to choosing a location. One thing to keep in mind is photographers (myself included) will often always choose lighting over location. This means we choose where to take photos based off of where the light is best to ensure our couples look the most flattering! Making sure you have that glowy light is the #1 goal because those are the images that you are going to ultimately LOVE. So keep that in mind and trust your photographer when she/he choses where to shoot!

2. Decide on outfits

Once you decide on a location, choosing outfits gets a bit easier as you’ll start to have more of a vision for the overall look of the shoot. I recommend bringing two different outfits, one casual and one formal. This gives you lots of variety to choose from! I also recommend coordinating, not matching and avoiding patterns smaller than the size of a dime as that can create strange visual effects in a digital camera. You can view my engagement closet HERE!

3. Don’t be afraid to splurge

Girls! Don’t be afraid to splurge! Whether it be on your outfit, hair or makeup, you deserve it! It’s probably not often that you get professional photos done with your love so might as well go all out! Also a little bonus tip: false lashes look AMAZING in photos. They are a cheap way to get a little bit fancier than normal!

4. Relax

Seriously though, relax! This isn’t something to be nervous or stressed about. Your photographer will guide you through the whole shoot, teach you how to pose, and will have you two feeling like models by the end. When I say engagement session are fun, I seriously mean it!

5. Make plans

I’m sure it’s not often that you two get all dressed up, so might as well make a date night out of it! Find a nice restaurant nearby and turn the whole day into a date! You two deserve it!


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