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Why You Should Consider a First Look

Apr 15, 2020

Deciding whether or not to do a first look on your wedding day can feel like an overwhelming decision! And while I would never want any of my couples to feel pressured to go with the first look, I do think it is an amazing addition to the wedding day. Below are some benefits of having a first look with your spouse!


Having a first look means you will have more portrait time, and more portrait time means you’ll receive more photos! Being able to take photos before and after the ceremony will create more variety in your gallery and will allow for your photographer to slow down, get creative and not rush through your important bride and groom portraits.


You get rid of the nerves! All of my grooms who have done first looks always say how much more relaxed they feel once they see their bride! This can actually lead to a more emotional reaction when the bride walks down the aisle because the groom is able to feel more relaxed and truly enjoy that special moment.


Doing a first look means you get to enjoy seeing each other for the first time alone and intimately. The only people that will be around during this is your photographer and videographer. This creates such a special and intimate moment just between you two. The first look will most likely be the ONLY alone time you get on your wedding day. It also allows for you to hear your husbands reaction to seeing you for the first time. You guys will be able to talk to each other, hug, kiss and just freely enjoy the moment with no interruptions which is super special.


Typically without a first look the bride and groom would go straight into portraits after the ceremony. Family formals, bridal party, and bride and groom photos take quite a bit of time! With a first look you get to knock out most of those portraits in the beginning of the day (which is also when your makeup and hair is freshly done, so that’s another perk!) and get to your party sooner after the ceremony!


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